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June 2019
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Caitlyn is growing so fast and decided on Saturday that she wants to wear big girl underwear.  So we have started down the road to potty training, it should be a rather interesting week!  Caitlyn has also become increasingly protective of her little brother and his belongings.  She makes sure that her friends don’t play with her brother’s toys, blankets, or binkies, which I think is so cute.

Parker is growing like a weed and has become a very social baby.  He loves to be talked to, sang to, and played with; whoever engages him in these activities is rewarded with the largest smiles and coos.  He is such a happy little guy and brings such joy to all of us.

Dave has started the challenge of working for the US during his normal work hours here, which can be difficult with the time change.  Between dealing with work and all the individuals that have been assigned to help us relocate he is keeping pretty busy.

I have started to mental organize and prepare myself for the upcoming move.  An International move with a toddler and an infant is going to require lots of organization and planning.  I think I will feel better once we have firm dates and plane tickets.

Monday: With Caitlyn on the potty training train I decide it is best for us to keep close to the house.  Not that we have much choice in the matter since our car continues to be in the shop being “repaired”.  Caitlyn, Parker, and I spent the day hanging out at the house cleaning and playing.  One might think this is an easy and relaxing day but I find them more frustrating since I get one room picked up and Caitlyn is following me around with new toys she wants to redecorate with.

Tuesday: Today our friends Jeannie and Jasper came over for a  playdate.  Caitlyn and Jasper had a great time playing together while Jeannie and I got a chance to catch up about summer adventures.






Wednesday: This was a rather adventures day as we enjoyed the company of  Tar and her two girls, Ella and Jemma, plus Ruth with Anna and Haruki.  Three adults with 6 children left us all quite tired by the end of the playdate but I think all the children enjoyed themselves.  I know that I was grateful to have some playmates for Caitlyn.  Parker had his 2 month check up at the O.N.E.  He weighed in at 11 lbs and is 23 inches long.  He is such a big boy!


Thursday: Caitlyn, Parker and I spent a quiet morning at home.  In the afternoon we had Ruth, Anna, Haruki, Kara, and Brennan over for a pool playdate.  I am so thrilled that we have had a beautiful summer and that Caitlyn has gotten to play in her pool with her friends often.


Friday: In the morning Dave, Caitlyn, Parker and I head off for a  playdate at the park with Denise and her two boys Enzo and Carlo.  Caitlyn was a bit clingy but warmed up enough to have some fun with Carlo on the play equipment.  In the afternoon Phillippe picked up Dave and took him to retrieve our car that now has a new gear box.  It ended up costing us 1350 Euro ($1900) which really sucks since we know that we have to turn around and sell the car in 2 months.






Saturday: Newly armed with our fixed car we headed off to run some errands and stopped at the  Carrefour to pick up Caitlyn’s special reward for using the potty before enjoying lunch at McDonald’s.




Sunday: Another beautiful and sunny day in Belgium.  For the first time in almost a month we got to walk to the Waterloo Sunday market and enjoyed some family time together.  We are going to miss our weekly walks to the Waterloo Sunday market!   Caitlyn has done a great job with potty training but seems to forget when she has friends around and has accidents.  I can only hope that since she choose to potty train at this point in time that it will happen rather quickly.



Belgium Fun Fact: The Belgian motorway system is the only man-made structure that is visible from the moon.

Annette, Dave, Caitlyn, and Parker

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